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Children's Trail

Come into the museum and join in the free Children’s Quiz Trail and the new Toddler Trail.

Meet me and my friends or see if you can help us find some

naughty little ducks that are hiding in the museum.

Win a sticker- if you can find us!

Hello, I’m John and I’m part of the Lostwithiel Museum Children’s Trail.

I’m the first character you’ll meet and I’m in the school cabinet next to
the Stewards desk. If you can’t find me the steward will show you where I am.

But, I’m a prisoner so I shouldn’t really be in the school cabinet.
Where do you think a prisoner should be?

When you find me I’ll give you the first clue.

There are 9 more of my friends to meet by solving the clues as
 you go round the museum, and you can also find out a little bit about our lives. 

Please ask the steward for a Children’s trail sheet
(or a Toddler Trail sheet for our younger visitors)

and if you find us and solve the clues you’ll win a sticker.

A Toddler Trail sheet may be downloaded via this link