Bright Sparks Project

 'Remembering People from the Past' is the focus for this exciting new project which Amanda Davidge, the Museum Curator, is managing.

Using the museum archives and objects from the collection, Amanda will facilitate workshops with museum volunteers to create assemblage memory boxes and journals to illustrate the lives of important people from Lostwithiel’s past. These creative workshops will also become available to members of the public who wish to investigate the town’s history as well as their personal family history.
At the first  workshop meeting the group decided to focus on the Hext family, in particular Miss Frances Hext, who was a member of a professional family of lawyers  and army officers who came to Lostwithiel in the mid-18th century. Frances wrote and published books of local significance, namely 'Memorials of Lostwithiel & Restormel,' privately published in 1891.

There will be much more to tell you about Frances Hext as, over the next few months, we unravel her story to display in the museum. If you are interested in joining this group but didn't sign up at the outset, it's not too late to get involved. For more information about this project please contact Amanda via email  adavidge AT

Image  of Miss F M Hext from  Wikimedia
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  Our Window Display for July 2019 featured the story of Miss Hext.  Further details via this link.

Find out more about the Bright Sparks Project in this short video

Bright Sparks Project