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Window Display January 2020

Our Window Display for January 2020  features  books about Cornwall and The Cornish, sponsored by Sue Appleby.

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 Sue Appleby, who visited the Museum during May 2019, is the author of the book,The Cornish in the Caribbean, a valuable and fascinating contribution to the history of the Cornish who moved to the West Indies. Whilst it is well known that many Cornish men and women moved overseas this is the first study to tell the stories of some of those who moved to the Caribbean. Whilst some became wealthy plantation owners, others were servants and labourers or members of the armed services. Cornish officers and crew sailed on the Falmouth Packet Service ships which took mail to and from the Caribbean. As Methodism was strong in Cornwall, missionaries and their wives went to the Caribbean to evangelise the enslaved and also the newly free. Not surprisingly, as mining declined in Cornwall the greatest contribution the Cornish made to the Caribbean were their mining skills.

Thank you to Sue Appleby for supporting the Museum by sponsoring the window display, to Lost in books for supplying the books, to Issy Bettin, Ian Gillett, Maggie Lancaster and Peter Best for their help with additional ideas and props for the display.

  Our feature book: The Cornish in the Caribbean from the 17th to 19th centuries, by Sue Appleby, published by Matador ISBN 978 1 78901 713 7 is available from Lost in Books, Quay St, Lostwithiel. 

You can read more about Sue and her latest book on her website.

More images from the display on our flickr pages