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The future of Museums -Thoughts from our Chairman

posted Jul 3, 2020, 7:46 AM by Lostwithiel Museum   [ updated Jul 3, 2020, 7:47 AM ]
The Museum world is also facing its share of exacting challenges as we endeavour to look ahead, adapt and prepare for the 'new normal.' We continue to be well-supported and briefed by the various professional organisations the Museum is associated with.

Locally, the Cornwall Museums Partnership [CMP] is always willing to advise and support. Some of you may have seen the poignant article 'Protect our cultural assets now or run the risk that they will never come back,' written by Emmie Kell [Chief Executive of CMP] and featured in the Cornish Guardian [dated 10.06.20]. Whilst Emmie focuses on the impact of coronavirus on the creative and cultural businesses she also highlights that ''Museums face particular challenges. Some occupy older, cramped buildings where it is difficult to maintain social distancing and a positive visitor experience, and many are totally reliant on elderly volunteers, who remain in the high risk category.......''

In the review section of The Times [dated 23.05.20] Rachel Campbell-Johnston in her article 'Our heritage is at risk, but we can't save everybody,' reports on the battle to save the nation's smaller museums. Whilst grim reading overall, there are also some encouraging glimmers of hope for the small, independent museums run entirely by volunteers.

One of our advantages is that we don't have the obvious massive overheads endured by the larger institutions. Nicholas Serota, chairman of Arts Council England, comments that......''one of our nation's great success stories has been the way we have created these small and highly distinctive museums.'' The final paragraph states ''Don't let our small museums grind to a painful stop. How many bits of our heritage can we afford to allow to fall away before we can't see our cultural picture any more ?'' Both these articles offer some serious thought-provoking issues for us to consider.