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posted Feb 1, 2019, 8:26 AM by Keith Southgate   [ updated Feb 1, 2019, 9:42 AM ]
Improving the visual image of the museum has been a burning ambition for many years. Although we recognised that a visual makeover was well-overdue, the cost & logistics of transforming a small, cramped space in a listed building, had previously defeated us.

Funding from our achievements in the 2018 Cornwall Heritage Awards is enabling this ambition to gradually become a reality. Stage 1 of the project focused on re-designing the obvious visual items: stationery,leaflets,posters & pamphlets whilst also improving the vital external signage.The re-designed fire engine logo & the distinctive royal blue colour are instantly recognisable as belonging to Lostwithiel Museum. Conscious of the need to enhance the visitor experience & create a more comfortable space for volunteers to spend time in.

Stage 2 concentrated on transforming the Reception area.We commissioned Chris Mansfield,a local carpenter,to design & make a desk to include shelving for admin items & a lockable cupboard for volunteers to store their personal items whilst on duty. Witnessing the transformation & hearing the positive comments from visitors & volunteers confirmed our resolve to make this project a longer-term priority.

The winter closure period is perfect timing to put the finishing touches to the Reception area & to start on Stage 3, the refurbishment of the Reference section. The installation of the bespoke shelving & cupboard with improved lighting,will help to make access to information an easier & more enjoyable experience. As the 'new look' develops we are encouraged to want to make further changes.

Enhancing its appearance is helping to create a more desirable professional image & give the museum the identity it previously lacked.